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Area:  TX,LA, AR, OK
FFA:  $1,000
Min Order: 1 case
Terms:  net 30
FOB:  Chicago, IL

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The Black Swan Philosophy

Provide A Broad Range Of Products

Black Swan prides itself on the fact that our customers can eliminate a number of vendorsand consolidate down to one. This makes our customers’ work easier  ( lesspurchase orders, less bills to pay, etc.) and makes for a stronger and moreprofitable relationship for both parties.


Quality is a necessity. Our customers can depend on problem-free, superior products.

Competitive Prices

Competitive prices are more important today than ever before. Black Swan has extremelysharp pricing on our complete product line. For example, there are not many manufacturers that are prime on products like putty, pipe joint compounds, waxgaskets, solvent cements for plastic pipe and drain openers. By being prime onthese items it allows us to be very aggressive with our pricing structure.

Fast Delivery

Delivering merchandise to our customers when they need it is a must. With our Chicagomanufacturing facility, our Chicago Distribution Center and our 6 regional warehouses, we can provide same day and next day service whenever necessary.

Excellent Customer Service

In today’s society, doing business is very difficult. People don’t return calls, problemsdon’t get resolved, and many people just don’t care. At Black Swan it is very different. We return all telephone calls, solve any problems quickly, and gothe extra mile to serve our customers. We want you to feel doing business with Black Swan is easy, profitable and enjoyable - and that your business isappreciated!  We Want Business To Be Fun!


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