Designs and manufactures superior quality plastic air distribution products including plastic air diffures, plastic grilles, plastic start collars, and more

Area: TX, OK, LA, NM, AR
FFA: Four (4) Pallets/192 Total Units 
Min Order: Call for Details
FOB: Erie, PA

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Made in the USA HaVACo Technologies Inc., located in Erie, Pennsylvania, designs and manufactures reliable, American-Made heating, ventilation and air conditioning products with the intent to solve installation or distribution problems. Whether it is ease of install, ease of use, shipping and warehouse benefits, or product longevity, HaVACo products are the solution for all of your commercial and residential projects. HaVACo Technologies is currently developing other products in the duct fitting and diffuser line which will be introduced later this summer.

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11310 Gemini Lane
Dallas, TX 78229
Phone (972) 823-8700
Fax (972) 823-8717


10515 Okanella Suite 600
Houston, TX 77041
(713) 466-4080