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Waterworks Fittings
Drains and Pumps
Faucets and Valves
Pipe nipples and Fittings
Putty, Compounds and Wax
Couplings, Drains and Valves
Toilets, Sinks and Bathtubs. Full ceramics line.
kwik-ZIP Spacers are utilized for a wide range of Pipe-in-Pipe (PIP) applications.
Rack-Strap, Cinch-Strap, and Cargo Control tie downs for securing pipe to vehicles.
Cush-A-Clamp®, Cush-A-Nator®, Cush-A-Therm®, Cush-A-Block® Snap-A-Saddle Pro™ and Multi™ Strut & Fittings by Wesanco and Florida Strut
UEi full line of test instruments
Pumps- Macerators, Gray water, grinding systems, condesate.
Power Tools – crimping, bending, cutting, threading, soldering
Pepco’s Eliminator catalog is filled with all the items we buy-sell and can be combined on a single order.
NORMAC Flexible Gas Risers - Flexible to fit in tight places, code compliant, easy to install, no fusion joints
Kitchen and bar sinks, lavatories, laundry trays, service sinks, floor sinks, and accessories
Silicone, Caulks, Adhesives, and Sealants
Toilets and Lavatories