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Area:  AR, OK, TX
FFA: $7,500
Min Order: $400
Terms: Net 30
FOB:  Lenoir City, TN

The POLYCAST® Presloped System is designed for a variety of applications, both indoors and outdoors. POLYCAST® is made of polymer concrete, a high strength, chemical resistant, closed cell material. As a result, POLYCAST® drains offer a high degree of chemical resistance, have a water absorption value of less than one percent, and are more than four times stronger than ordinary Portland cement concrete. Rapid drainage, durability and resistance to freeze/thaw cycles make POLYCAST® ideal for outdoor applications. The 24- and 48-inch components make POLYCAST® extremely versatile. With the proper components, a flowrate of 840 GPM per outlet is attainable.Combining simplified installation, high durability, and lower overall cost, POLYCAST® systems are proven superior in surface drainage.

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