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Bathroom Remodel? Cut your Budget in Half with SANIFLO®

If you had, say, $4000 extra to spend in your bathroom remodel budget, where would you spend it:  on the bigger shower, the fancy rain head, body sprays, or that jetted or claw-footed tub? 

Here are some examples or how SANIFLO® products can allow you to put your project budget in the places you want: the stuff you see and touch – the experience.

Bathroom remodels can get expensive.  If you need a new drain, then most of your costs come from expensive labor to break and cut concrete to install a new drain.  SANIFLO® offers a range of products that allow you to avoid the high expense of breaking concrete for a new drain install.  

SANIFLO® offers compact and quiet pumps that grind your waste and pump it to the nearest drain.  Imagine in your home that you wanted to install a shower or toilet where there wasn’t one already.  The cost of adding this drain adds thousands to your budget of your remodel.  It would be nice to convert your garage into a man cave complete with a bathroom and not spend a fortune, and it would make life happy to be able to fit that over-sized bathtub she always wanted into the budget.

How does SANIFLO® avoid you from having to break concrete and save you thousands?  SANIFLO® pumps waste up and out so that you can hide pipes behind walls instead of breaking concrete for that floor drain.  It’s more than just a pump.  SANIFLO® grinds and essentially liquefies the waste, then pumps it through pipes behind the wall, and over to an existing sanitary waste drain.

Example: adding a utility sink in your garage:

Utility sink, faucet, and parts could be just $600 or so all depending on size and quality of products, but wait…plumber tells me he needs to add a drain.  Well, now add $3000 to the quote now since the plumber will have to break all this concrete, rent equipment, and be out the for a few days doing all this work.

Now let’s use a SANIFLO® product so we don’t have to break concrete and spend all that money.  SANIFLO® products range from small to larger commercial units, but for our utility sink example install we need the smaller SANISWIFT® to sit below your new utility sink to pump the water to the nearest drain.

Put your remodel budget into the experience with SANIFLO® - don't break concrete.

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Kevin Parham
June 16, 2017