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CSST flexible gas supply – know the safety rating

The CSST(Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing) flexible gas supply is very safe when installed properly.  And not all CSST product are rated the same.   Look for either LS1027 which is tested to withstand 95% of direct lightning strike, or LS1024 (about 5%).  How can these testing standards be so far apart in terms of safety?  Lightning is measured in coulombs (ko͞oˌlōm), the SI unit of electric charge, equal to the quantity of electricity conveyed in one second by a current of one ampere. The standard LC1024 CSST must withstand 4.5 coulombs.  The much more robust LC1027 must withstand 36 coulombs – about 95% of all direct lightning strikes.  This is 8X higher charge levels and up to 30X higher currents than LC1024. 

Gastite Flashshield™ is the only LC1027 rated CSST offered in the USA.

When building a home or running a gas supply line, please take safety into account.   Protect your home, your customer, or your investment with CSST that is LC1027 rated.  Ask your builder, installer, or engineer for LC1027.

Kevin Parham
June 16, 2017