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Pepco now represents E-Z Weld

E-Z WELD® makes a broad range of high-strength PVC/uPVC, CPVC,and ABS solvent cements, primers, cleaners, and thread sealants

We are excited to announce that Pepco Sales & Marketing has joined the E-Z Weld team, effective May 2019. Pepco will be representing E-Z Weld products covering all of Texas and New Mexico.

E-Z Weld specializes in formulating and manufacturing quality industrial joining materials and chemicals. Their products have been made in their Riviera Beach, Florida facility since 1972 and is home to solvent cements, primers, cleaners, and thread solvents.

E-Z Weld supplies products to some of the largest retailers and plumbing wholesalers in the United States and exports products to over 40 countries in the thriving Latin America, Caribbean, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and European Markets.

For more information, visit the E-Z Weld website at www.e-zweld.com.

Charlie Parham
May 17, 2019