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Pesticide Worker Safety Violations

Syngenta seeds were recently fined millions by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for violations of several rules related to pesticides, including the Worker Protection Standard (WPS). This company ran afoul of its responsibilities when it comes to what the EPA considers the most dangerous pesticides: restricted use pesticides (RUPs). The recent amendments to the regulations for RUP applications that could affect over 1 million applicators nationwide.

The EPA alleges that Syngenta:

  • Failed to notify its workers, both orally and with signs, to avoid fields recently treated with pesticides;
  • Allowed or directed workers to enter the treated field before REI had passed and without proper PPE;
  • Failed to provide water for routine and emergency eye flushing;
  • Failed to provide adequate decontamination supplies on-site; and
  • Failed to provide prompt transportation for emergency medical attention.

In all, there are 261 counts in EPA’s complaint. The proposed penalty is $18,750 per count for a total of almost $4.9 million.

You can read the full article at hawsco.com.

Caleb Waters
June 16, 2017