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Uponor PEX-a: market leader for installs of HVAC Hydronic applications

Did you know Uponor PEX-a is a market leader for installs of Hrdronic applications?  Yes, Uponor is popular in Commercial and residential plumbing solutions.  Uponor is well known and has a rich install history in hydronic HVAC applications as well. 
‍Hydronic applications

 Uponor Hydronic install applications include:

• Reheat coils
• Fan coils
• Baseboard radiators
• Heat pumps
• Chilled beams

Uponor Beats Copper

With more than 40 years of proven performance and 17 billion feet of Uponor PEX installed worldwide, Uponor is the professionals’ choice for commercial hydronic piping and radiant heating and cooling applications. With a longer system performance life, lower material costs than copper and a connection method that is both trusted and proven to decrease installation time, it’s easy to see why customers are saying no to copper and yes to Uponor PEX for their commercial projects.

Uponor PEX-a beats copper

ProPEX® connections are the only system that gets stronger over time.
Uponor is Lightweight and easier to handle.
More stable material costs vs. Copper.

The Uponor system advantage

Uponor PEX pipe and the ProPEX® expansion fitting system deliver high quality and performance for hydronic-based heating and cooling applications. And when the time comes to start your project, Uponor offers unmatched support that no other PEX manufacturer in the industry provides. Which means from initial design to construction to completion, and throughout our 25-year warranty, Uponor is with you every step of the way.

Uponor has many advantages

• Most tested and third-party listed PEX in the industry
• 25-year system warranty on Uponor PEX pipe and ProPEX fittings
• Comprehensive field training for the installer
• Engineering resources including BIM, CAD, specifications and submittals
• Team of in-house professional designers and project managers
• Established nationwide distribution as well as local and regional support
• Comprehensive list of fire-resistive assembly ratings

The professional’s choice

 The core of Uponor systems features PEX pipe, which is quickly becoming the product of choice over copper for hydronic piping systems due to its longevity and its ability to resist corrosion, pitting and scaling. The Uponor PEX manufacturing method uniformly bonds carbon atoms to one another throughout the pipe wall, giving the pipe its inherent ability to always return to its original shape. This “shape memory” of the pipe allows for larger-internal-diameter ProPEX expansion fittings — the only PEX fitting system that actually gets stronger over time. 

‍The molecular structure of Uponor PEX highlighting the carbon-to-carbon bonds

And because of the manufacturing process, Uponor PEX also offers thermal memory, which means any kinks in the pipe can quickly be repaired with a simple shot of heat from a heat gun (you can’t do that with just any PEX pipe)

Uponor PEX is very strong

With 3,000 pounds of force and a linear displacement of 13.2", this 2" ProPEX fitting has not been compromised. It can also be noted that the PEX pipe and ProPEX ring have not failed or backed off the fitting.

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Uponor is factory bust tested at 800psi and exceeds ASTM F876 standards across the temperature ranges

Oxygen diffusion

Oxygen in an HVAC system can cause corrosion problems. All non-metallic (plastic or rubber) pipe is permeable to the passage of dissolved oxygen molecules through its walls. Permeability allows these dissolved oxygen molecules to enter an otherwise closed hydronic system. To alleviate this potential issue, Uponor manufactures Wirsbo hePEX™ which includes an oxygen diffusion barrier built into the pipe. This barrier limits oxygen diffusion to levels below DIN 4726, ensuring the integrity of any metallic components.

Uponor hePEX pipe must be used in hydronic applications since hydronics is a closed system (unlike plumbing, which is an open system).  As a closed loop system Uponor hePEX has an added oxygen barrier feature added to protect the leaching or oxygen (or air bubbles) into the system – oxygen in a system causes rust (oxygenation) and loss of performance.  It is for these reason Uponor designs hePEX into hydronic applications.

Wirsbo hePEX oxygen-barrier pipe is manufactured for chilled water and heating hot water distribution. It is a very durable, cost-effective solution for transporting water to a variety of terminal units

Chemical resistance

Crosslinked polyethylene offers enhanced resistance to chemical dissolving agents. The unique molecular structure is stable, inert and unaffected by chemicals commonly found in most commercial HVAC systems.

For specific questions about chemical resistance, contact Uponor Technical Services at:

888.594.7726 (U.S.)

888.994.7726 (Canada)

Uponor PEX-a Pipe Support

PEX-a Pipe Support provides continuous support of Uponor PEX pipe for hydronic piping applications

Pipe Supports allow Uponor to hang overhead with spacing like copper

• Enables hanger spacing similar to that of copper
• Listed for bare-PEX plenum applications (ASTM E84/S102.2)
• Easily insulated around both pipe and PEX-a Pipe Support
• Controls PEX expansion rates to be similar to copper
• Available for ½" to 3½" pipe sizes

The only PEX fitting system that gets stronger over time

Coupling Uponor PEX with ProPEX fittings is an ideal solution for replacing copper in hydronic piping applications. ProPEX fittings offer a high level of differentiation versus other PEX fittings, and also provide more value compared to traditional copper press and sweat fittings. The elastic memory of Uponor PEX allows the pipe to be expanded and the fitting to be inserted before the pipe returns to its natural shape, which creates a strong connection that holds tight up to 1,500psi.

Uponor F1960 cold expansion fitting system offers a wide range of options

The Uponor ProPEX fittings advantage

• Simple, fast, reliable visual connection in sizes up to 3"
• Cannot be dry fit, eliminating blow-off leaks
• No torches, glues, solder, calibration or flux
• Fitting and connection is the strongest part of the system
• 70% greater flow at similar pressure versus other PEX fittings
• Fitting burst pressures in excess of 3,000psi
• Broad offering of transition fittings

For more information, visit our Uponor Product page and Live Chat our customer service.

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Kevin Parham
June 16, 2017