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Area:  AR, LA, OK, NM, TX
FFA:  $2,000 Net
Min Order:  $100 Net
Terms:  2% 10 Prox
FOB:  Pepco Dallas

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Senju Sprinkler is a company with close to 50 years of experience in designing highly reliable and long-lasting products. This has earned us the top spot on the Japanese market with unbeatable 70% market share. They are dedicated to developing and producing sprinkler heads that save human lives and protect property. Senju products pass vigorous performance tests and have met universal quality standards. By using solder as a thermal sensor for fire detection, our sprinkler heads withstand the test of time and perform unfailingly in case of fire.Senju Sprinkler continues to raise the bar in concealed trim options. It was the first and only manufacturer that gave the customer the option to custom match cover plates to any ceiling, no matter the style, texture, or material. Now, Senju has introduced 5 brand new wood grain cover plates as standard finishes, which will be fully stocked.

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