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Wesanco and Florida Strut are ZSi-Foster companies. ZSi-Foster manufacturers clamps, couplings, and support systems out of 4 UnitedStates locations – La Mirada CA, Ocala FL, Springfield MO, and Canton MI. Wepartner with Pepco to offer a complete line of Plumbing and HVAC products thatsave contractors’ time and money.

We offer custom pre-cut strut in all finishes and holepatterns, so that Pepco customers can avoid hiring labor to cut strut and removestrut waste at the job site.

We’re the manufacturers of the famous Cush-A-Clamp® cushioned pipe clamp, and the Cush-A-Nator®, the new cushioned pipe clamp thatsaves time with its uniquely designed rotating cushion. We’re also the makersof the patented Cush-A-Block™ rooftop support block with embedded fastenersthat cut strut installation time by 75% and make rework a breeze.

You also know us for the Cush-A-Therm™, the durableinsulation clamp that’s stronger than Calsil, prevents condensation leaks, andprevents water leaks from advancing. And if you’re looking to cut labor costswhen installing insulated pipe, the Snap-A-Saddle Pro™ offers tool-freeinstallation and simply snaps into place.

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