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Atlantic Chemical and Equipment Company offers a complete range of chemical treatments for use in HVAC/R Markets. ACE Chemical, offers the HVAC/R market the widest choice of chemical products available from one source.
Products offered include:
  • Coil Cleaners
  • Degreasing Solvents & Oil Absorbents
  • IAQ Products
  • Leak Detection & Sealants
  • Heat Transfer & Anti Freeze Products
  • Refrigerant Oil Products
  • Steam Boiler Treatments
  • System Flushing Products
  • and MORE!

Foam N’ Clean

Foam & Clean 02
ACE Foam N’ Clean (FNC) is a non-acid cleaner developed to provide foaming and brightening capabilities comparable to acid-based coil cleaners…without the dangers of hydrofluoric acid.
Features & Benefits:
  • Acid-Like Performance… without the danger of hydrofluoric acid.
  • Excellent grease-cutting capability.
  • High foaming action – penetrates deep into multi-row coils to foam out dirt, grease and grime.
  • One step cleaner – cleans, brightens and deodorizes.

EZ Leak Stop Pro

AceSeal EZ LEAK STOP PRO is a range of easy to inject refrigerant leak sealants. The product is a combination of POE oil and various polar additives in a uniform blend which is compatible with all refrigerants except ammonia.
The leak sealant is offered in 8 sizes:
  • up to 0.5 tons
  • 0.5-1.5 tons
  • 1.5-5 tons
  • 6-15 tons
  • 16-30 tons
  • 31-60 tons
  • 61-125 tons
  • 126 to 250 tons
An All-in-One product (leak sealant/ dry/revitalizer/dye/acid eliminator) is supplied in both 1.5-5 tons and 6-15 tons. A leak sealant/ dye combination is available in all 3 sizes up to 15 tons.

ACE Power Flush

Power Flush 1
ACE® Power Flush (APF) is a powerful ozone-friendly solvent for flushing HVAC/R systems after compressor burn-outs and during retrofits / oil changes. Leaves no residue and is safe for use with systems using all oils and refrigerants. Is non-flammable. Ideal for flushing lines after conversion to R-410A.

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