Micro Irrigation Products including Drippers, Sprays, Sprinklers, Recycled Water, Fittings and Valves

Area: NTX, STX, LA, AR, OK
FFA: $1,500
Min Order: $100
FOB: Longwood, FL

Since establishing in 1985, South Australian-owned Antelco has leapt ahead with its continuing focus on providing high quality, low volume, micro irrigation products to meet the global need for efficient water distribution.

To keep up with growing demand, Antelco Corporation was established in 1989 in Florida USA and serves the North American, Canadian and Mexican markets.

Leading irrigation wholesalers, retailers and contractors choose the Antelco brand, confident they are selling and installing innovative, superior quality products they can trust.

Putting water where it counts!®
Founded in Australia, the driest inhabited continent in the world, Antelco knows that innovative irrigation products are needed to promote responsible water use worldwide.

In a world of regulations and restrictions on water use, Antelco strives to develop new and sustainable solutions that can meet the challenge of managing a finite resource.

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