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Big Goose products provide peace of mind for residential water leaks for secondary drain pans by providing Latching Float Switches for HVAC units.
Using its proprietary water reservoir and clear status window design, the BG-301checks and measures the water level in your pan at several stages. The floating switch will trigger when excessive water is present in the drain pan. This interrupts power to the air handler, shutting the system off. This not only alerts the homeowner and contractor of the current status, but also gives an advanced warning of partial clogs in the system. 

Latching Primary Drain Float Switch

Model #: BG-301

Model #: BG-301
24 VAC, 4 AMP
UL 508 Approved
Wire Length: 60 Inches
Trigger Depth: .5 Inch

The BG-301 is a revolutionary Latching Primary Drain Float Switch for HVAC designed with industry leading innovation and quality. The BG-301 is attached to the side of the primary drain pan, clamped in place for a secure hold, and can adjust to the deepest pans on the market. With a triggered depth of up to 0.375″ inches, the HVAC system as well as property and valuables will be safe.

Once the latch mechanism is triggered, the power to your air handler will be interrupted, and the system will shut down. The BG-301 primary drain float switch will stay latched and the system will remain off, even if the water has receded, until it is physically reset by hand.


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