CALEFFI mixing valves for residential applications


Caleffi Hydronic Solutions manufactures innovative products for heating, cooling, plumbing, and process works applications. Caleffi’s expertise is the control of temperature, pressure, and flow of water-based fluids.

TankMixer™ Mixing Valve

Low Lead, with Temperature Gauge

The Caleffi TankMixer™ is a perfect mixing valve solution to maximize the capacity of modern high-efficiency water heaters and minimize installation time. It comes packaged in a kit with everything needed for fast installation including union fittings and industry-exclusive press connections. 


Features & Benefits:
  • Complete Quick-connect Kit
  • Accurate Low FLow
  • Anti-Scale Polymer Materials
  • Tight Hot Water Close-Off
  • Integral Recirculation Inlet Port
  • Optional Temperature Gauge
Installation Tips TankMixer™ Mixing Valve
AngleMix™ Thermostatic Mixing Valve

The Caleffi AngleMix™ is the industry’s only thermostatic mixing valve with an angle-style body. This configuration minimizes the use of elbow fittings for reduced installation time and cost. The AngleMix delivers precisely mixed temperature stability as low as .5 gpm for today’s high-efficiency fixtures. In domestic recirculation systems, the tight inlet close-off performance prevents temperature creep without the need for return water balancing valve(s).


Features & Benefits:
  • Accurate Low Flow
  • Tight Close-off Inlets
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Anti-Scale Polymer Materials
  • Simplified Installation
  • Precision Manufactured

Eliminate Elbow Fittings for Water Heater Installations

MixCal+™ High Flow Mixing Valve

Caleffi 521, 5213, and 5231 series threeway mixing valves are used in residential and commercial systems producing domestic hot water or in hydronic and radiant heating systems. Compensating for both temperature and pressure fluctuations of incoming hot and cold water, these valves maintain the desired output temperature of mixed water.


Features & Benefits:
  • DZR low-lead brass valve body
  • High Flow adjustable thermostatic mixing valve
  • Sweat and NPT Union
  • Anti-scale Material
  • Optional Outlet Temperature Gauge
  • Check Valves in Inlet Hot and Cold Ports
Installation Tips 5231 MixCal+™ High Flow
Mixing Valve

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