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Centrotherm is committed to developing and manufacturing sustainable products for plumbing, heating, and building product markets. Centrotherm North America produces InnoFlue® Polypropylene Vent Systems and accessories.
Products Include:
  • InnoFlue® Single Wall Residential
  • InnoFlue® Flex
  • InnoFlue® Concentric
  • InnoFlue® Single Wall Commercial
  • Accessories
  • Venting Kits
  • and More!
ULC-S636 and UL-1738 listed vent system
Vent manufacturer to earn ISO 9001:2015
Centrotherm North America produces InnoFlue® Polypropylene Vent Systems

InnoFlue Polypropylene Vent Systems – Field Kit

ISFK0203 – Single Wall 2” / 3”


Quick Kick Sidewall
Centrotherm’s InnoFlue Field Kit has an assortment of parts that will help you adjust to any situation and complete the job without a return trip for additional supplies.
Adaptors, accessories, extra elbows, and more – this kit will rounds out 2” and 3” installations  
Kit Includes:
  • Adaptor with Gaskets
  • Adaptor PVC Size
  • Wall Termination
  • 45 Elbow
  • 87 Elbow
  • 1′ Vent Length
  • 2′ Vent Length
  • Connector Ring
  • Support Clamp
  • Bird Screen
  • Wall Plate
  • Pipe Lubricant
  • 10-year warranty

InnoFlue® Flex Vent Kits


InnoFlue® Flex uses industry-leading, flame retardant polypropylene technology to construct single wall, gasketed, flexible vent pipes, and accessories. InnoFlue® Flex’s dynamic product line provides superior corrosion protection throughout. Lightweight polypropylene eliminates installation fatigue associated with most common venting materials, making it easy. The flexible properties of the Vent Length allow for the rapid lining of chimneys, b-vents, and other chases with offsets up to 45°.
  • Gas Fired – 230°F (110°C) Max Flue Gas Temp
  • Oil Fired – 248°F (120°C) Max Flue Gas Temp
  • Appliance Type: Condensing Boilers, Furnaces, Tankless Water Heaters & Tanked Water Heaters
Features & Benefits:
  • Flexible – up to 45-degree offset
  • Continuous Lengths up to 150′
  • Lightweight
  • 3″ and 4″ have rigid sections every 2′
  • Installation does not require Special Tools
  • No Cure or Wait Time for Heating System and Flue Start-up
  • 10-year Warranty

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