elkhart products corporation – copper and brass

EPC is part of Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems which develops wrot copper tube fittings for plumbing, air conditioning , and refrigeration industries.
Elkhart Products Include:
  • Cast Brass
  • WROT


TECTITE™ push-connect fittings address these criteria by joining plumbing tube in the most efficient, safe, and cost effective manner available today. TECTITEfittings are designed to join Copper, CPVC, PE-RT and PEX (requires a tube liner) tube in the 1 ¼” to 2” size range.

No Mess, Only a clean,

neat appearance

Reduced Installation Time

No Special Tools Required


Elkhart Products WROT Copper Solder Companion Flanges feature a black epoxy powder-coated dialectically-insulated steel flange base which includes a Lead-Free copper flanged fitting. The steel flange base contains a standard bolt pattern that accommodates ASME, MSS and ASSE requirements. The copper flanged fitting is made to ASME B16.22 material and design requirements.



No Special Tools Required

Reduced Installation Time


Elkhart Products Corporation supplies “cleaned and bagged” wrot copper fittings for use in oxygen systems. The KLEENFIT objective is to be certain the fittings are free of petroleum based contaminates and remain that way until the reach the job site.

Cleaned and Safe for use in Oxygen Systems

Reduced Installation Time

No Mess, Only a clean, neat appearance

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