K-Flex USA Duct liners, rolls & sheets

K-Flex USA offers the widest selection of insulation solutions.

Pepco has a variety of K-Flex products to supply your needs out of our Dallas and Houston DC.
Pepco can ship the insulation to you ONE case at a time. Additionally, K-Flex Products can be added to any Pepco Truck Run order or picked up from our Dallas or Houston DC location.
Shipping Information includes:
  • FFA: $2,000 
  • Min Order: $100                         
  • FOB: Pepco Dallas or Houston


Proline Tankless Water Heaters

K-FLEX Duct® Liner Gray
is an NBR/PVC-based closed cell, flexible elastomeric foam thermal and acoustic insulation. It is environmentally friendly as it is free of CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, PBDEs, formaldehyde and fibers. An EPA registered antimicrobial agent is incorporated into the product providing additional protection against mold, fungal and bacterial growth. It is UL GREENGUARD® Gold Certified for low VOC emissions. The product is made in K-FLEX USA’s ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturing facility.

Features & Benefits:
  • Fiber-free lining for air handling units and ducts
  • Thermal & Acoustic properties
  • Prevents mold, fungal, and bacterial growth
  • GREENGUARD® certified for Children & Schools and Microbial Resistance classifications


Smart Thermostat
K-FLEX® INSUL-SHEET® is a flexible, closed-cell elastomeric sheet insulation product used to conserve energy and prevent condensation on large pipes, ducts (covers), vessels, tanks and equipment. The product’s closed-cell structure creates exceptional thermal properties (k-value of 0.245 at 75°F and wvt of 0.03 perm-in) that protect against moisture penetration and heat loss or gain within a -297°F to +220°F temperature range.
An easy-to-clean and uniquely tough protective skin on both sides provides a better surface to resist moisture and dirt. The double-sided skin can be used with either side facing away from the applied surface, resulting in less waste if one side becomes damaged.

Features & Benefits:
  • Conserve Energy and Prevent Condensation
  • Application: Large Pipes, Ducts, Vessels, Tanks & Equipment
  • Moisture and Dirt Resistant: Easy-to-clean and unique protective skin on both sides


  • Sheets
  • Size 36″ x 48″ sheets
  • Thickness: up to 2″
  • Rolls
  • Size 48″ wide rolls
  • Thickness: up to 2″



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