Linesets, Inc. is the premier line set manufacturer in the USA.


Linesets, Inc unique demand flow manufacturing technology allows them to offer the shortest lead times in the industry. In addition, Linesets Inc offers more options in terms of custom lengths, insulation types and sizes than any other manufacturer in the US.


Products Include:


  • Standard Line Sets
  • Mini Split
  • Copper Air Conditioning Tube
  • And more…

Unique Damage Control Carton

  • Minimize and prevent damage in transit or warehousing. Reinforced package does not allow the coils to shift, bounce or bend like master carton boxes. Keeps insulation from losing form.
  • Center handles allows for easier handling and carrying for your employees and contractors unlike the cumbersome master carton boxes.
  • Ability to ship UPS or FedEX. A huge benefit with the new increased cost for larger boxes being charged by these carriers.
  • Free up additional warehouse space! More product fits in smaller spaces due to the minimized packaging and stacking features we provide!
Value Added Options
  • Custom lengths up to 100’ (1-1/8” up to 50’)
  • Wire and/or control cable pre-assembly
  • Insulation available up to 1-1/2” wall!
  • Flare and other end line fitting options
  • Custom ends (90° bends or straight)
  • Mix or match pallet packaging options
  • Pre-insulated ACR tube with K-FLEX TITAN™

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