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Designs and manufactures superior quality plastic air distribution products including plastic air diffures, plastic grilles, plastic start collars, and more

Area: TX, OK, LA
FFA: 60 Linesets or $2,000
Min Order: None
FOB: Phoenix, AZ

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Linesets, Inc. was started in 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona by the Berlyn family and over the years has been built into the premier line set manufacturer in the USA. Linesets, Inc. Today, Linesets, Inc. has grown to three manufacturing facilities in the United States. The 3 strategically located facilities are positioned to provide the ultimate in customer service. Linesets, Inc’s unique demand flow manufacturing technology allows them to offer the shortest lead times in the industry. In addition, Linesets Inc. offers the most options in terms of custom lengths, insulation types, and sizes than any other manufacturer in the US.

With a 99% fill rate on first shipments Linesets Inc. also offers its customers the best fill rates in the industry!

In recent years, Linesets Inc. has added Climate Components to their offering with a variety of products ranging from Halstead copper tube and copper fittings, ChemChill coil cleaners, chemicals, aerosols and lubricants, mini-split ball valves, filter driers, HVAC motors, capacitors and electrical components including thermostat wire, mini-split control wire, and EZ-IN mini-split cable. Climate Components also offers gas valves, gas appliance connectors, malleable fittings and galvanized and black steel nipples.

Our philosophy is simple, take care of the customer with the goal of being “the best of the best” in what we do.

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