Portable & commercial air purifiers, combustion products, fresh air ventilation, hard water treatment, dehumidifiers, filters, UV ac coil & air purifier,

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Field Controls is focused on the movement of air and air treatment inside the home. Since 1927, we have been an HVAC leader in the combustion and venting of residential heating appliances. We are the world’s leading supplier of draft controls, draft regulators, and vent dampers that ensure safety and optimize the efficiency of heating appliances. We are also an innovator in comprehensive fresh air ventilation systems and indoor air quality purification systems.

At Field Controls we consider every home a system and every central HVAC system as an opportunity to deliver CLEAN, PURE, and FRESHTM air. Our intent is to provide reliable, practical, and proven ventilation that meets codes and satisfies homeowner expectations for comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.

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