Premium Shower bases (including ADA compliant), Shower Stalls, Tub/Showers,
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Area: NTX, STX, OK, AR
FFA: $2,000
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FOB: Pepco Dallas; Madera, CA; Denison, TX

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In 1965, Florestone became one of the first manufacturers of compression-molded shower receptors, mop sinks, and laundry trays. These new products initiated an era of unprecedented growth for the company, as builders throughout the nation adopted compression-molded receptors as a standard for new home construction.

Ron Flores, in 1974, further expanded the product line to include gel-coated fiberglass-reinforced bathtubs, showers, tub/showers, and whirlpools. The success of this addition lead to further expansion into special needs products. Since the early 1990’s, Florestone has been an industry leader in developing products which meet the requirements of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California Title 24.

Today, Florestone continues to evolve and grow. In 1992, the company added a distinctive line of acrylic bathtubs, whirlpools, shower receptors and utility sinks. The latest addition to the growing product line occurred in 1996, when shower doors were added to meet the needs of Florestone customers.

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Florestone Shower Base

 Shower Bases

Florestone Shower Stall

 Shower Stalls

Florestone Tub and Shower Combination

 Tub & Shower

Florestone ADA Compliant Shower Stall with Shower Head, Rails, and Seat. No Tub

 ADA Compliant

Florestone Oval Bath Tub with Drains on the Viewer's Right


Florestone Single Square Utility Sink with Legs

 Utility Sinks

Florestone Commercial Corner Floor Sink with center Drain

 Mop Sinks

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