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DrainKing & Master Plunger Brand Drain Cleaners, Innovative Test Plugs

Area: TX, LA, AR, OK
FFA: $1000
Min Order: $100
FOB: Moorepark, CA

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GT Water Products has been manufacturing the highest quality, Made in USA products for the plumbing industry since 1970. We are the inventor of the Drain King,water-powered drain cleaner with our exclusive Water-Jet Valve. Our MasterPlunger was the first bellows design plunger brought to market and remains the standard in the industry when it comes to quality and performance. Also featured for our commercial customers are our TTMP, Mechanical Test-Tee Plugsand TP, Pneumatic/Hydraulic Test Plugs. GT Water Products test plugs are the highest quality, best performing and safest test plugs offered to the commercial plumbing market.

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