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Whole house water filtration and conditioning solutions.

Area: TX, NM, LA, OK, AR
FFA: $10,000
Min Order: None
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Glen Blavet, the Founder and CEO of HALO Water Systems, is also a Master Plumber, having completed a stringent and complex line of testing, training, and work to achieve his master plumbing contractor license and this coveted status. Often these specialists are those commonly found setting up plumbing systems for major towns, factories, commercial buildings, and industrial complexes. Glen has taken a different route, dedicating his life to protecting the health & safety of the homes & families we are serving today.

He began as a contractor in 1976, becoming intimately familiar with water treatment, and ultimately owned one of Southern California’s largest plumbing heating and air service companies. The more he learned about water conditioners and water quality, the more passionate he became. Eventually, his love for plumbing was directly linked to water quality, and it became a mission. His mission to educate contractors and homeowners of the importance of filtration and conditioning, Glen set out to develop a water quality system “for contractors, by a contractor”. He wanted the water system to be built upon the duty of a plumber, to “protect the health and safety of the nation” and that is what HALO Water Systems is all about.

As reports on water quality continue to dominate the news, Glen remains steadfast in helping plumbers to protect their customers by leading them to better water and a better life through water quality options they can trust. HALO Water Systems, founded in 2001 has quickly become the filtration system most recommended by contractors in the nation.

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