Ductless, Window AC, Portable AC, Dehumidifiers, Air Purifiers
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Area: NTX, STX, OK, NM, LA, AR
FFA: $25,000
Min Order: Call
FOB: Call
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Hisense Air Products are your go-to solution when your home is feeling hot or humid. With coverage for various room sizes, our air products will help you stay cool and dry. Some of our models also have smart features for added convenience.

Products Include:

Hisense Window AC
Hisense Portable AC
Hisense Dehumidifier

Window AC

Portable AC



Hisense Remote
Hisense Inverter Graphs
Hisense ConnectLife App
Handheld Remote
The sleek remote provides the convenience of powering On and Off the portable AC or dehumidifier from your couch, and adjusting the settings.
Inverter Technology
Hisense inverter technology saves energy and maintains stable temperature at desired level by varying rotation speed of compressor
ConnectLife App Control
More options. More control. More to love
The ConnectLife app connects with Wi-Fi, allowing you to control, monitor or change settings from anywhere with an internet connection.
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