ZoomLock MAX Press-to-Connect Refrigerant Fittings
and ZoomLock PUSH Push-to-Connect Refrigerant Fittings
Area: TX, LA, NM, AR, OK
FFA: $1,500
Min Order: $100
FOB: Washington, MO

ZoomLock MAX fittings, designed for the air conditioning and refrigeration markets, allows contractors to make secure leak-free connections in seconds. It means less time on the job and more money in the contractor’s pocket.

ZoomLock MAX fittings provide clean, leak-proof connections for refrigerant lines up to 700 psi. By eliminating concerns about gas and flames, ZoomLock MAX fittings offer more flexibility where and when you can work, plus there’s no need to nitrogen-purge lines.

HVACR pros know that time is money. ZoomLock PUSH push-to-connect refrigerant fittings eliminates brazing, flames, fire spotters, or risks from installing traditional HVACR fittings. ZoomLock PUSH offers a way for contractors to connect refrigerant lines in seconds, boosting efficiency while providing the safety and reliability you expect from Parker.

ZoomLock PUSH is ideal for Residential AC, HP, Minisplit and Refrigeration installations. R410A Optimized and Removable options available.

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