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Pipe Hangers, Strut, and Strut Accessories
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Area: TX, LA
FFA: 2,500 lbs
Min Order: $50
FOB: Columbiana, OH; Pepco Dallas, Houston & San Marcos

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PHD Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading domestic manufacturer in the commercial and industrial plumbing, mechanical, electrical and fire protection industries since 1972.

Known for its service, PHD takes pride in providing quality products, problem-solving solutions and on-time deliveries. With one of the largest inventories in the industry, the company’s 23+ stocking warehouses make PHD products accessible throughout the United States and worldwide.

Pipe Hangers & Devices:

  • pipe hangers
  • beam clamps
  • roller supports
  • clamps
  • brackets
  • threaded accessories
  • nuts & bolts
  • fittings
  • braces

Strut Products:

  • clamps
  • nuts
  • inserts
  • fittings
  • braces
  • brackets
  • bases
  • and MORE

Additional Products:

Fire Protection and Seismic products featuring CPVC straps and sway brace fittings

PHD Roof Mount
PHD Accessory
PHD Pipe Clamp
PHD Bracket
PHD Seismic
PHD Pipe Clamp
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