Toilet Seats, residential molded, solid wood, residential plastic, light commercial, heavy duty commercial

Area: TX, NM, LA
FFA: 60 Seats
Min Order: 1 Case
FOB: Cartersville, TX & Hutchins, TX

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The founders of Plumbing Technologies, LLC™ have fifty plus years of experience in the toilet seat industry, and over one hundred years of related experiences with other marketing and sales oriented manufacturers of durable products. These experiences include: product design, engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, marketing, sales, global sourcing and supply chain management.  Plumbing Technologies, LLC™ management has established and well developed long term partnership relations with state of the art manufacturing companies that produce PLUMBTECH™ and BATHDECOR™ Seats for the North American market. These factories meet and exceed established global manufacturing standards established by ISO Certification. PLUMBTECH™ and BATHDECOR™ Seats are produced to quality standards established and managed by Plumbing Technologies engineers and management.

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