Pipe Insulation; heavy-duty, uv protection, and tear-resistant options

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Area: STX, NTX, OK, NM, LA, AR
FFA: $2000 or 30 cases
Min Order: none
FOB: Pepco Dallas, San Marcos, Houston; Hickory, NC


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PTI provides insulation solutions for residential, commercial, and retail copper plumbing and HVAC applications with its InnoFoam™, InnoTough™, and InnoShield™ options to suit a variety of needs and budgets.  Using proprietary formulations and manufacturing processes, these solutions all provide superior protection versus traditional rubber insulation and are available unslit, pre-slit, and with options for adhesive self-seal strips and special coating to further enhance durability and protection. 

Hira aeroforam insulation tubes
HIRA Aerofoam insulation Sheet
HIRA Aerofoam CLAD Sheet

Standard Protection

Flexible, closed-cell foam pipe insulation that reduces condensation on piping applications and aids in energy conservation

Available in Split and Semi-Split

Deluxe Protection

Made with a proprietary engineered foam, InnoTough is tougher than standard PE pipe insulation with greater elongation and a broader temperature use range of -297°F to +220°F.

Premium Protection

Coated to offer increased UV protection and tear resistance, features the same engineered foam as InnoTough, and a greater ease of installation


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