Python is a PERT-AL-PERT design copper replacement for HVAC line set applications utilizing compression fittings for a complete system for both standard split and mini-split systems.

AREA:  North TX, NM
FFA: $5,000
Min Order: No Minimum Order
FOB: Portland, TN. 37148

Python™ is a PERT-AL-PERT line set and compression fitting system designed for both split system and mini-split system applications. It comes in both insulated and non-insulated for use in HVAC systems for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

As an alternative to copper pipe, Python is light-weight, chemical resistant, UV resistant, and tear and kink resistant. Pricing is competitive and more stable than copper line set pipe pricing. Python is less likely to be stolen on job sites. Additionally, compression crimp fittings can be applied in the field without the use of special press tools.



Python insulated and uninsulated line sets are designed for outdoor HVAC and plumbing use, in industrial, commercial and residential applications.



Python compression fitting assemblies are made of solid brass construction and can be applied in the field without the use of special tools.



Chamfering tools are used for grinding center holes, positioning holes, grinding holes, or deburring and rounding the edges after side-surface machining.


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