Zephyr Filtration

A full-line national air filter manufacturer dedicated to helping HAVC Contractors/Distributors provide exceptional Air Cleaners to their clients.
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FFA: $1,500
Min Order: One Case
FOB: Houston, TX


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Zephyr Filtration specializes in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) air filter products. Our company mission is to help HAVC Contractors & Distributors sell more air filters. We manufacture a full line of high-quality air filters and media air cleaner (MAC) replacement filters. Our company is a 3rd generation family business headquartered in Vegas with air filter production plants in Vegas and Houston. Our VGF MAC series turns any filter grille into a media air cleaner. Our Elite Air Filter Contractor fulfillment program allows contractors / distributors to sell & profit from air filters sold & shipped directly to their customers.

Turn any

Filter Grille

into a

Media Air Cleaner

MERV 11 Filter

Whole Home Deep Pleated Return Air Grille Filters

  • “Best In Class” Home Filtration
  • Lasts up to six months or longer
  • Health and Allergy benefits via high efficiency media
  • Energy savings through technology – More media surface area equals lower static pressure
  • 3″ Deep Pleated Design available in Merv 11 and Merv 13
  • Fits most standard 1″ returns without modification


MERV 13 Filter

Zephyr VGF Series Deep Pleated MERV 13 Media Air Cleaners are the High Efficiency, High Capacity IAQ Answer for Direct Replacement of Standard 1” Filters.

3” Deep Pleated Design Provides the Following Benefits:
• Best in class solution for your filtration needs
• Fits most 1” Return Air Grilles without modification
• Lower static pressure than 1″ MERV 8 filters
• Lasts up to 6 months or longer
• Supports biannual preventive maintenance schedules
• High Efficiency Media available in MERV 11 or MERV 13
• Foam gasket ensures complete seal with no air bypass
• Value priced vs other manufacturers
• CRD & ASHRA recommend MERV 13 for a healthy environment