Mifab – water closet carrier



MIFAB is a manufacturer of commercial plumbing products. Their product line includes: backwater valves; pressure reducing valves; backflow preventers; cleanouts; pipe supports; concrete trench drains; fixture carriers; grease, oil, automatic recovery, specialty and oil-water separators; access doors; trench drains; and MORE.

Horizontal Adjustable Water Closet Carrier

Model: # MC-10

MIFAB® MC-10 Series single, horizontal, adjustable, water closet carrier with lacquered cast iron fitting, 4” (102) no hub waste, 2” (51) no hub vent connection, lacquered cast iron gasketed adjustable faceplate, universal floor mounted cast iron foot supports, adjustable 8” tapered thread ABS nipple with integral test cap, neoprene bowl gasket, hardware, threaded rod protectors, polished chrome plated finishing cap nuts and rear anchor tie down support.

Features & Benefits

Rod Protectors
Comes preassembled to prevent mortar from affecting threads with backup nut already assembled onto rods.
Narrow Legs
2 ¾” legs for narrow installation.
Secure Nipple
Tapered thread nipple inserted into faceplate with O-ring secondary seal.
3/8″ tappings on the top of both legs to receive all thread rods to secure the flush valve rough in.
Built In Ruler
½” increment ruler to get correct height.
Pre-Fab Anchor Slot
Slot is 1” from the bottom to connect to 1½” angle iron for pre-fab battery transport.


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