Norgas – Gas Regulators and Water Meters

Norgas is an exclusive supplier of NMT products such as gas regulators, gas meters & water meters.  NMT products are application proven within many industries such as Submetering, Utilities, Commercial & Industrial markets. 
Norgas is also an integrated supplier to many large OEMs that specialize in natural gas engines used for providing horsepower to power generation, natural gas compression and other engine related industries.

VersaMag™ Water Meter

The polymer Versamag™ is the most versatile Multi-Jet type Water Meter for submetering applications. Along with its compact design, the removable register allows for pressure tests and line flush out without damaging the internal components. The Versamag™ is capable of being installed in both horizontal and vertical positions while adhering to AWWA C708 accuracies. With all of these features the Versamag™ is the complete meter for any submetering applications.

Hot and Cold Version

Horizontal and Vertical Installations

Gallons or Cubic Meter Register

Pulse Output Standard

N5 Series Gas Regulator

Model #: N5D

The N5 Series Gas Regulator is a Certified CSA 6.22/ANSI Z21.80 self-operating regulator with vent limiting option for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications.
The N5 vent allows for indoor use without the need to pipe external vent lines. With the added benefit of extended corrosion resistance the N5 allows for various applications where the best regulation performance is required.

Extended Corrosion Resistance

Venting Limiting Option

Multi-Position Installation

Up to 15 psig Operating Pressure

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