Celebrating 55 years


2020 marks 55 years that Pepco has been in business. To build for the next phase of our growth, we have restructured our organizational chart and reimagined our Mission, Vision and Values. At Pepco, we’re here to Build it Better.

First, we have refreshed our brand look and image by updating our logo for the next decade, created a brand new 80-page website, and have stepped up our brand development and recognition in the marketplace.

Second, we wanted an organizational structure that better set us up for growth and reflected the strengths of our organization. Jeff Deets has recently been named Sales Manager for our Plumbing, Waterworks, and Mechanical Divisions. He leads the team of Account Managers and drives all of our plumbing related sales initiatives throughout our entire footprint.

Heath Williams, MBA is now our President with all divisions of sales and customer service reporting to him. This change recognizes his sales professionalism, efforts, skills, and education that will allow us to continue to grow with excellence.

Charlie Parham, CPMR moved into the role of CEO with Finance, and Operations and Marketing reporting to him.

And after over 40 years with Pepco, Mike Parham is retiring. He still sits on our board of directors and continues to provide valuable input to the Pepco Team. Mike really is why Pepco is who it is today. He took Pepco from a 6-person company, to a 60-person company as he retires. Mike always was a firm believer in investing in business. It’s not just about reinvesting in inventory, training, facilities, etc. it’s also about showing your manufacturers that you care enough about your business to invest in it. That is how Pepco has been able to grow its capabilities to continue to succeed.

“The current leadership is positioned to take Pepco to the next-level, and I am extremely proud of what they are building”, says Mike Parham. “You know when it is time to move out of the way so now is the time. A big heartfelt thank you to all of you in the industry for the many years of support and memories that will be with me forever. Take care.”

With these changes, we are confident we have set Pepco up for unmatched success in our industry.




For more information contact Customer Service at customerservice@pepcosales.com

From Left to Right: Steve Good – North HVAC Division Manager; Nick Jones – Director Business Development; Heath Williams – President; Charlie Parham – CEO