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QuFresh believes that all houses and apartments need an efficient way to exhaust stale, moist indoor air and introduce outdoor air. Good ventilation makes a house healthier for occupants and protects the building structure from moisture damage

Fresh air suply fan

Model #: QDFC

The QuFresh QFDC offers homebuilders and developers a cost-effective mechanical ventilation solution that helps with humidity and temperature. Contractors and builders now have a practical offering for introducing constant fresh air from outside into the residence, meeting the fresh air CFM requirements. Internally mounted sensors provide limits preventing the intake of outdoor air that is too humid and/or hot or too cold and/or dry. 

Blower Wheel
Balanced polymeric dual inlet blower wheel secured in place using a hex nut.
Adjustable Capacity Motor
Variable capacity settings allow the fan to be set from 30 to 130 CFM
Unit mounted controller monitors temperature and humidity of incoming air and allows installer to configure optimal ventilation.
Fan Housing
Insulated 26 gauge baked epoxy housing. Overall dimensions:
147 /8″H x 111 /2″D x 101 /8″W.
Duct Collars
 6″ round, zinc plated metal collar adapters.

Slim Line Bath Fan

Model #: SL100-3

QuFresh ENERGY STAR® Slim Line Bath Fans are the ultimate in versatility for home and commercial use, offering odor ventilation, mildew prevention, and moisture reduction in a bathroom, laundry room, utility space, or for whole house ventilation. Constructed using a low profile steel housing perfect for wall or ceiling mount installations and 4 in. oval metal duct connector with a spring-installed polymeric grille. This exhaust fan includes hanger bars and mounting tabs for easy installation against a joist or stud, and a motor with 3-speed selections (50, 80, or 100 CFM) with wiring knockouts on the housing.

Features & Benefits:
  • Designed for ventilating bathrooms and other rooms from 50 – 100 sq. ft.
  • Low profile steel housing with 4 in. oval metal duct collar
  • Mounts using mounting tabs and included hanger bars positioned against a stud
  • Setpoint choices on unit for 50, 80, or 100 CFM operation from ECM motor that provides Constant CFM through 0.4” static pressure
  • Dynamically balanced centrifugal blower wheel for quiet, efficient performance

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