Qufresh – fresh air is better air


QuFresh believes that all houses and apartments need an efficient way to exhaust stale, moist indoor air and introduce outdoor air. Good ventilation makes a house healthier for occupants and protects the building structure from moisture damage

Fresh Air Supply Fan

Model: QFDC


The QuFresh QFDC offers homebuilders and developers a cost-effective mechanical ventilation solution that helps with humidity and temperature. Contractors and builders now have a practical offering for introducing constant fresh air from outside into the residence, meeting the fresh air CFM requirements.
Features & Benefits:
  • Balanced polymeric dual inlet blower wheel secured in place using a hex nut.
  • Variable capacity settings allow the fan to be set from 30 to 130 CFM
  • Unit mounted controller monitors temperature and humidity of incoming air and allows installer to configure optimal ventilation.
  • Insulated 26 gauge baked epoxy housing.
  •  6″ round, zinc plated metal collar adapters. 

Motorized Damper

Model: MD624
The MD624 Motorized Damper mounts in line with the ducting to either the QFDC or MQF Fresh Air units. The lead wires from the motorized damper connect to the included transformer that easily plugs into the receptacle inside the Fresh Air unit. The single blade damper with an internal gasket tightly closes off ducting to minimize air leakage. When the unit is energized, the damper automatically opens, then closes when the main unit shuts off.
Features & Benefits: 
  • Automatically opens when the QFDC or MQF is operating
  • Tight sealing damper minimizes any air leakage
  • Transformer and lead wire included

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