suncraft industrIEs INC.

Suncraft Plumbing Repair Parts

Area: TX, NM, OK
FFA: $500
Min Order: $25
FOB: Los Angeles, CA

Suncraft Industries Website

Suncraft Industries Inc. is a World Class Manufacturer of Plumbing, Lighting and Hardware products. Established in 1997, Suncraft positioned itself to be a comprehensive supplier of Pop-Up Waste Drains, Shower Head, Tub Spouts, Tools and related products. The Suncraft innovative thinking process provides economical solutions and best in class quality processes to existing market requirements.

We recognized that the demand for high-quality plumbing fixtures at an affordable price with its related products will continue to increase significantly in the future. Suncraft has positioned itself to be the best in class and is well regarded in the OEM/ODM business as well as the Plumbing Wholesale industry. We have devoted significant resources and accumulated experiences to enhance our vertical integrated manufacturing processes, incorporating advanced technology to design and build only the best quality products, as we continue to reduce manufacturing costs which will ensure that Suncraft has the capability to provide professional service for customers well into the future.

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