UEI Test instruments – leak detectors


UEI Test Instruments offers a full range of testing instruments; from scales and meters, to refrigeration and pressure.
Finding leaks is the first step in preventing costly damage, and UEi’s Leak Detectors are designed and certified to meet the new tougher standards and detect the latest refrigerants. 

Long Gooseneck Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Model #: CD100A
The CD100A is the service persons tool designed to detect combustible gas leaks in residential and small commercial applications. Semiconductor sensor responds instantaneously to all combustible gases. The easily adjusted, steady tic rate provides a precise indication of the leak source.
  • Senses leading combustible, noncombustible and toxic gases
  • Minimum detection 50 ppm methane
Features & Benefits:
  • Long 18” gooseneck for hard to reach areas
  • ‘Tip-light’ in sensor cap illuminates the search area
  • Sensor provides accurate detection
  • Audio and visual tic rate, fully adjustable

Refrigerant Leak Detector

Model #: RLD10
The RLD10 makes pinpointing leaks as easy as one two! Detect leaking refrigerant using the high sensitivity mode then switch to the low sensitivity mode to pinpoint its source. If background noise makes the audible tic hard to hear, you can count on the color scaled LED indicators.
  • Sensitive to .5 oz per year R134A, R123, R410A
  • Automatically detects all existing halogenated refrigerants and blends
  • Two position sensitivity selector
  • Audible tick and visual indicators identify refrigerant leak rate
  • Auto zeros when turned on
  • 18 1/2” Long gooseneck probe

Wireless TRMS Clamp Meter with 3-phase & Imbalance Motors Tests

Model #: DL599
Test 3-Phase motor rotation, unbalanced load, mini-splits, circuits in Molex plugs, and diode malfunctions with the DL599. The Wireless TRMS Clamp Meter measures capacitance, voltage, microamps, circuit continuity, resistance, and temperature via K-Type thermocouples.
  • 3-Phase Motor Rotation
  • Motor Unbalanced Test
  • Low Pass Filter
  • 1000V AC/DC
  • 600A AC/DC
  • 2000µA
  • 60MΩ Resistance
  • Capacitance 9999µF


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