UEi test instruments tack30 plumbing tech kit


UEI Test Instruments offers a full range of testing instruments; from scales and meters, to refrigeration and pressure.
The Tack30 Kits provides any plumber the testing tools that they need to accurately complete their jobs.
Included in the Kit:
  • Clamp Meter
  • Combustible Leak Detector
  • Dual Input Manometer
  • Digital NSF Waterproof Thermometer
  • Pipe Clamp Adapter
  • K-type to Input Jack Adapter
  • Carrying Case

Tack30 Test Kit

Individual Components

True RMS Clamp Meter

Long Neck Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Dual Input Diffetential Digital Manometer

Pocket Sized Digital Thermometer NSF

K-Type Pipe Clamp Probe

K-Type Temperature Probe Adapter

Clamp Meter

Features & Benefits

Tack30 Tech Kit Plumbing Uses

Clamp Pipe Adapter Uses
  • For commercial application – Being able to tell the temperature of water inside a pipe. Checking/verifying the reading on a mechanical temperature gauge to see if it’s accurate. Also checking temperatures in pipes in general.
Combustible Leak Detector Uses
  • New install checking gas connections, repair work and finding gas leaks
Manometer Uses
  • with gas Water Heaters. The first question asked when calling service is what is static pressure (Pressure while not running). Second is dynamic pressure (pressure while operating). If static is too low, it’s a problem. If difference between static and dynamic is too great of a water column/water gauge pressure drop. That is also a problem.
Clamp Meter Uses
  • Checking line voltage (garbage disposal, Tankless water heater, dishwashers (Do I have 110 or 220V power)
  • Checking low voltage (gas valve, any type milliamp microamp application)
  • Checking continuity (A prover switch on a commercial Water Heaters. High limit switch on a Tankless water heater, fusible link on a Tankless water heater, is a circuit open or closed)
Thermometer Uses
  • Water proof. When setting a mixing valve. You go to the closest hot water outlet. Put the thermometer in the water stream and set the mixing valve correctly. Probably 120 degrees. Same thing when setting shower valves. Water proof because you put in water stream. Any general use where water temperature needs to be measured.

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