Freeze-Thaw Resistant PEX Pipe


Uponor takes pride in ensuring its systems meet the requirements of today’s conditions to support the efforts and confidence of engineers and professionals who prepare specifications as well as those who install piping products.

These freeze-thaw resistance qualities, along with additional features such as heat-kink reparability, stable material costs, superior thermal and acoustical properties, and a 25-year limited warranty, give engineers, designers and installers additional confidence in choosing Uponor AquaPEX, Wirsbo hePEX or Uponor helioPEX X2 piping systems.

Uponor AquaPEX

White Coils

Use Uponor AquaPEX pipe in hot and cold water distribution systems as well as hydronic heating and cooling applications where the system contains to ferrous corrodible components or where any ferrous components are isolated from the piping.

The pipe is available in both coils and straight lengths in red, white, blue, white with red print, and white with blue print for potable-water applications, as well as purple for water-reclamation systems.


    The Uponor PEX Pipe assemblies with ProPEX EP Couplings passed the freeze-thaw cycling test and exhibited superior freeze-thaw resistance.

    Burst testing was conducted per Procedure B of ASTM D1599, Standard Test Method for Resistance to Short-Time Hydraulic Pressure of Plastic Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings.

    All assemblies tested pass the freeze-thaw cycle testing and exceeded the minimum burst-test pressure requirements as of ASTM F876,

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