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Walraven develops and produces fixings for heating systems, sanitary installations, sprinkler pipes, air ducts, cooling systems, cable apertures, solar panels etc. Solutions for fire-resistant, smoke-tight and noise-insulating sealing of pipe and cable apertures, expansion joints and openings in suspended ceilings.

starQuick® Pipe Clamp

Model #: 123456

The Versatile, Plastic Pipe Clamp

Walraven’s Versatile Pipe Clamp can be used to quickly and securely install multiple pipes and conduit for heating, plumbing and electrical installations.
Suitable for fixing all types of pipe, from Ø 1/4” – 2”, this pipe clamp comes with a full range of starQuick® accessories to enable easy fixing to any substrate, to BIS RapidRail® or BIS RapidStrut® and to threaded rod. 
The clamp is made from Polyamide (PA6) which means it has many special properties making it suitable for more demanding environments.
Which means it is:




Oil and Petrol Resistant


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